A new and revolutionary banking account for the Burundian market. Pesaflash is an account that allows you to conduct your core banking transactions from the palm of your hand. Check your balance, transfer airtime, transfer funds and purchase goods through your mobile phone. Visit your nearest Finbank branch to register or nearest Finbank kumuhana agent.

Pesaflash Terms & Conditions

The “PESAFLASH” services are provided by FINBANK s.a. with its registered office in Bujumbura, Burundi. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using these services. These terms and conditions apply to all transactions and bind the account holder, the Bank and customers.

General terms of administration and use of “PESAFLASH” services

  1. The service will be available to all customers having a current account at the Bank who wish;
  2. The maximum daily limit under these services, per customer will be determined by the Bank for the aggregate of fund transfers, bill payments and merchant payments when the service is used on the app/USSD. Entering the wrong PIN three times in a row will block Pesaflash on the account in question and the customer must re-register to continue benefiting from these services;
  3. Any change in the rules of managing one of the processes will be notified on the Bank’s website, which will be interpreted as sufficient notice for the customer;
  4. In the case of a joint account, where the mode of operation is “one of the survivors”, one of the Co-holders can continue to benefit from these services;
  5. Accounts whose mode of operation is “common” as well as accounts registered in the name of a minor or when the minor is a joint account holder are not eligible for PESAFLASH;
  6. The Bank reserves the right to reject a customer’s registration request for PESAFLASH services at its discretion;
  7. The Bank may suspend the unused service by the customer for three months or more. If the service has not been consulted for six months or more, it will be canceled;
  8. The Bank may also decide to terminate or suspend the PESAFLASH services without notice if the customer has violated the terms and conditions set by the Bank, is prosecuted or convicted for committing fraud offenses, corruption or other related offenses including money laundering and terrorist financing or in the event of the death of the account holder;
  9. The customer who wishes can request the deactivation of mobile banking services at the branch where he registered. However, he remains responsible for all transactions made before submitting such a request;
  10. The customer will be responsible for all transactions made through the use of his mobile phone, SIM card and MPIN, without seeking to know whether they are made or authorized by him. On this, he must take possible measures to keep the user ID and MPIN confidential and not disclose them to any other person.
  11. It will be the customer’s responsibility to immediately notify the Bank in the event of loss of the phone and/or SIM card or if he suspects the abusive use of the MPIN;
  12. The customer accepts the above terms and conditions and authorizes the Bank to retain the account number, username and mobile phone number for the proper functioning of PESAFLASH.


The Bank, acting in good faith, is discharged from any liability in case of:

  1. loss of information in the course of processing or transmission for reasons beyond the control of the Bank;
  2. any access by an unauthorized person or breach of confidentiality due to the customer;
  3. delay in transmitting information or error or inaccuracy of information which may include technology failure, mechanical failure, power failure or any other incident beyond the Bank’s control;


  1. The mechanism, terms and conditions of these terms and conditions are governed by the laws applicable in Burundi.
  2. Any dispute or claim relating to the installation and/or terms and conditions are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Burundi.