Tax Payment Solution

Tax Payment solution is a modern solution provided by FINBANK in partnership with OBR, in addition to manual payment methods for taxes and customs duties.It is a system of electronic payment of taxes and customs duties that facilitates transactions between the OBR and taxpayers and affirms the will of FinBank to accompany Burundi in its progress towards modernity.

It is a payment tool that offers a gain in time and costs; it reduces the clearance time of goods, and the risk of the reduction of the values of the goods, the falsification of OBR receipts, is also controlled.

This e-payment tool also aims to increase transparency, reduce fraud and corruption and secure documents.

The payment of customs duties and taxes is done in 3 steps:

1.    Declaration of goods and establishment of the liquidation slip;

2.    Electronic payment to the bank by cash, certified check or account transfer;

3.    The bank issues a payment slip which is equivalent to the receipt normally issued by OBR agent;

If the declaration is paid to the bank, it will appear directly in the software of the OBR and the economic operator can get his goods out of the customs.