Women and Leadership: Rachel Bahati, Head of Retail, Sales and Marketing.

FinBank is one of those financial institutions that know how to give women top positions. As a result, a lot of women occupy top positions in this bank. In this series of articles, we have met with some of them. First, so they can share their story, but also in an effort to inspire other young ladies who are considering a better future.
Our series begun with a one on one with Rachel Kifaka Bahati, head of the Retail and Marketing Department.

1. Hello Rachel. What is it like to be a woman in a financial institution?

Hello. I do not know if it’s just a feminine sensation or if everyone feels it but, we feel fulfilled, we feel we can solve those small financial problems that always knock on the door when we expect them less or would’ve loved to focus on some other projects. It is even more special when you are at FinBank because you can access these small services near you.

2. What is the proper path to becoming a woman in a financial institution?

There is really no indicated way! FinBank is the first financial institution to welcome me and I had no experience in the field. What an employer is looking for is not a female application, but rather a qualification more or less close to what they need. I would not be proud was I recruited because I am a woman. I would rather say that I am proud of the fact that one could see in me a determined person, confident, ready to give the best of herself and that a stranger trusted me enough to offer me the job position. We are never sure to give a perfect CV, but sincerely express with your mouth what you could not say between the lines when you pass your Interview and you may pass the test!

3. What are the benefits for you and your family?

When you have a job, you are proud of being able to contribute to the Life and Happiness of more than one person and it adds to your value in the community.

4. A message for other girls who dream of achieving what you have achieved today?

I did not do anything magical to get where I am today! My first job as a trainee only paid for my transportation. Working in that company helped me get a better understanding of the products and services and later this company hired me. By the time I left, I was already at the management level! The little trainee with no salary whatsoever could someday run the company!
Do not stay at home doing nothing, get yourself a place to work even if it’s just for you to learn a few things, when there are opportunities in this business, not only will you be among the first people to get the recruitment information, but also, you might be surprised to find out how much you know to defend your candidacy because you have an idea of what is done in the company.