This is a low cost savings account targeted at young savers and low-income savers. It has a minimum opening balance of BIF 25,000 which is very low compared to the average in the banking sector.


  • Minimum opening balance of BIF 25,000
  • It pays competitive fixed Interest rate.
  • No monthly maintenance charges.
  • Interests are compounded daily and paid quarterly.
  • The account can be used as overdraft protection for your checking account.


  • Simplicity: Easy to open
  • Confidence: A fixed rate, which means you know in advance what you savings will earn.
  • Flexibility: We know the unexpected can happen so:
  • You have the ability to withdraw funds or even make further deposits
  • Interest will be paid directly into your Akarusho Savings Account each quarter which could help your savings to grow more quickly. Alternatively, the customer can have interests paid into another Finbank account of his choice.