FinBank inaugurates a new branch in Bujumbura

Following the agenda of being closer to its customers, FinBank has recently inaugurated a new agency in the city of Bujumbura. The 5th agency, the new branch joins the ranks of the bank in the optics of offering more services to more people.


Located on OUA Avenue in the brand new Tokyo Market complex, a few miles from the Bujumbura City Market “Kwa Siyoni”, the new agency is set closer to FinBank clients operating in the various markets on this northern side of Bujumbura.


The inauguration of this new branch happened in the presence of numerous personalities. Representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Bank of the Republic of Burundi, telecommunication companies, some microfinance companies in Burundi and other businessmen working with FinBank to finance their work, all of these and many more graced the opening with their presence. 

As stated in his speech, Joe Dassin Rukundo, CEO of FinBank was pleased with the opening of this new branch. The latter comes to meet the needs of FinBank clients in the north of the city, especially those doing business in the surrounding market markets places who had expressed the wish to have an agency close to their business activities. He also stressed the willingness of FinBank to participate actively in the financial inclusion by being a close by bank.

This objective, FinBank has managed to achieve, thanks to its mobile banking system PesaFlash which has been seducing more and more people. This success comes as a result to the multitude of services offered by PesaFlash. Strategic partnerships (in this case with Regideso) allow one to pay electricity bills in one click from home with PesaFlash. This service that puts FinBank in a very good position in terms of innovation in banking.

With a fourth branch in Bujumbura (5th in all the country), FinBank asserts its will to be a bank with and for the population. A proximity bank that puts the customer at the center of its activities, making a point of honor on the well-being of the latter.