Team building: Leisure day to relieve pressure and strengthen cohesion within the retail department

Providing a moment of relaxation for field agents and allowing a better cohesion between colleagues from the same department was the aim of the recreational day organized by the Finbank Retail Department this Friday, 9th day of March. Agents from this department spent an afternoon of leisure on the lakeside sand. A moment of relaxation that they surely needed.

The main objective of this day of leisure was the reinforcement of the relations between the agents of the “retail” service, as Excellent NIMUBONA, head of the department explains : “we wanted to organize this kind of activities which bring together the team, which strengthens the team spirit. It was a way to get agents out of the office, to get them to open up, to think about something other than work. But also to know each other. This helps to build team cohesion, get them to think as a teams, see positive sides and strengthen the social side of the job. ”


An opinion shared by Parfait of the “retail” department”: it was a good opportunity to familiarize with my colleagues and my boss in particular. You know we spend a lot of time working and things are often very official. There is the hierarchy that intervenes at all levels. But on this day, the atmosphere was good, we had fun and it was good, “he says.

According to Excellent NIMUBONA, this type of activity is part of the new retail department policy of Finbank. Indeed, being a department that works under constant stress, this kind of activities allow teams to release the pressure for optimal efficiency at work.